What is Kepler ReCapture – and why?

Debi-Lee Wilkinson

Welcome to the Kepler ReCapture team blog. Here, you can stay up to date with all the challenges, accomplishments, setbacks, and milestones happening at Kepler.

Built upon a team of high-caliber, multidisciplinary professionals from around the world, Kepler’s purpose is to invent, design, build, and document a zero-fossil-fuel, marine-based desalination, energy, and direct ocean carbon-capture platform. Our goal is an all-in-one, green foundation to solve food, water, energy, and economic insecurity.

Whether you concur with the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and their conclusion that a 2* C increase in global average temperature is enough to buckle the biosphere, the inescapable truth is that climates change over time. Whether that climate change is anthropogenic in nature or not is ultimately irrelevant; the macrobiome is a resource requiring management, the same as freshwater, or lumber, or minerals, or even fossil fuels; this is simply a larger scale.

The Spaceship Earthers and environmentalists are right: we only have one planet, we can not afford to mismanage it. The problem is in their solution: there are over 4 billion people living in poverty, and environmentalism is a first world problem. The poor don’t care about plastic vs paper straws, or whether their meal was sustainably farmed. They care about lifting themselves out of poverty and building a better life for themselves and their children. No matter how much we chasten or spout platitudes about saving rainforests and sea turtles, it doesn’t move the needle for billions of people.

What is required is a (pardon the cliche) paradigm shift. We need to revamp the foundation of our entire global economy. This is where KCR takes center stage. We envision a world where fishermen become seafarmers, cultivating and harvesting renewable aquaculture for local markets. We envision a world where drinking water and electricity generation no longer depend on fossil fuels and are local to the people that need it. And we envision a world where carbon capture is more than just trading credits or paying a farmer not to cut down a tree – stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

Thank you for joining us on this collaborative geoengineering effort of unparalleled scale and global benefit. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.