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  Value Statement

Rebalancing the Earth’s Carbon Cycle to Near Pre-Industrial Levels

Kepler Recapture is the world’s first ocean-based, sustainable CO2 mining operation, set to reach the IPCC’s critical gigaton-scale by 2050. Our innovative technology stack scalably extracts excess CO2 from both air and ocean and converts it into desalinated water & durable product streams that never decompose back into greenhouse gasses.


Why Invest?

Kepler Carbon Recapture (KCR) is a seed-stage organization working to rebalance Earth’s atmosphere-ocean carbon cycle. KCR is built by a team of high-caliber, multidisciplinary professionals from around the globe. The dynamic marine environment provides KCR with multiple energy fields: radiant solar thermal energy, kinetic wind energy, kinetic wave energy, and ocean thermal energy. Our proprietary energy infrastructure integrates these overlapping energy fields, providing the necessary power to maintain consistent operations and drastically lower the cost per ton of extracted carbon dioxide. This CO2 is then ‘upcycled’ by KCR into the supply chain, producing raw materials which can then be used for a multitude of durable industrial goods. The full-scale solution replicates the current proof-of-concept design in order to meet the IPCC goal of ten (10) gigatonnes of CO2 extracted per year by 2050.

Our team of 24 international scientists, engineers, naval architects, and business leaders are passionate, having donated over 10,000 combined hours of effort to designing our floating desalination and carbon capture plants to achieve our goal of global, sustainable, profitable stewardship.

We provide a change engine that touches all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals making the world a better place to live and work for all, with obvious emphasis being on

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Goal 13: Climate Action

ESG Section

Every human being deserves inexpensive and equitable access to clean air, water, and renewable energy. KCR spar platforms put this within reach, while also combating climate change by enhancing the ocean’s ability to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere. The submitted project is a carbon neutral, marine-based solution to the challenge presented by the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Contest. Sustainability, social license, and environmental justice have been incorporated into the design solution from day one. Legacy business practices cannot effectively address the problem of climate change and carbon management; therefore, a disruptive solution is required. Otherwise, we are simply exchanging one problem for another. The KCR solution leverages 50 years of climate research and combines it with innovative technologies, processes, and market practices to address this daunting challenge.

The Kepler Carbon ReCapture (KCR) company is a team of high-caliber, multidisciplinary professionals from around the world with over a century of combined experience. The fully-scaled solution is capable of meeting the IPCC 2050 goal of 10 gigatonnes per year of carbon removal and sequestration. The megatonne and gigatonne platforms are designed with living and working conditions in mind; sustaining small local economies; providing fulfilling work / life conditions for crew, support staff, vendors, and families; creating a new workforce development market opportunity in R&D, maintenance, construction, and management.

We are cognizant about potential adverse effects our operation may have on the marine environment. These risks, as well as other potential ecological and economic effects, are being thoroughly analyzed and modeled, and will be managed once we receive one of the milestone prizes.

KCR’s proposed solution to the Carbon Removal Problem has sustainability, social license, and environmental justice inherent in its design. Impoverished living conditions typically lead to increased environmental hazards. Sanitation, water security, proper waste disposal, and other metrics are being studied.

Our solution improves the environment for all concerned, be it human or wildlife, and was designed that way from the beginning. Improvement over business as usual is intentional, yet the project recognizes that there is still much work that needs to be done. As the project moves forward, KCR leadership will incorporate these issues into their R&D roadmap to assure the company is meeting its goals of equitable treatment for all.

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